More of Sarah and her nice pussy. Doesn’t it look delicious? This dumb slut sits at work playing with it all day, dreaming of the next cock she can suck. She might advance at work, but each day she gets dumber and dumber as she can’t do anything else but finger herself and secretly scroll through tumblr; looking at pic after pic of cum covered bimbos and wanting them to be her.

My slut being whored out 20k plus bimbo fans!!



A Super Duper Special Post!  (Part 1)

Bunnies! Guess who? 💋

This is special gif set that shows me, Your Blowjob Princess, doing a lil’ frisky dancing for my boyfriend! Apologies on the grainy quality; I took the initial video with my phone and then converted it to gif-format using an app on my mac. I’m a pretty tech-challenged person, but I did the best I could!! The whole process, from dancing to recording to creating the gifs took a super long time and tons of effort, and I really hope y’all enjoy it!!  💕

As a side-note, just in case you’re curious, here’s a link to the music that I danced to! It’s a Puerto Rican hip-hop song!

Sincerely with hugs, smooches and nibbles, 

Your BJ Princess 

P.S.  I’ll be posting Part 2 of me dancing, another gif-set, as soon as I finish converting the remainder of my home-video! And I’ll do my best to upload it as soon as I get done with my last exam this Friday! Yaaay!  ❤️

So fucking hot!! Would love to slap that red raw!



A Follower Submission Story!

She had a love of sucking cock that some might think of as obsessive… she had sucked her first cock at 13 and instantly knew as she swallowed that first hot load of cum this was what she had been born for.

The next five years were filled with thousands of hard cocks and thick loads of cum… teachers, counselors, classmates, cousins, bus drivers, taxi guys, as well as dudes in elevators, in shopping malls, at concerts, movie theaters, and just about anywhere else she saw a guy with a nice bulge in his pants.

She had now found a few gloryholes she went to often to get a good cock sucking and cum fix. While at one she commented to the cock she was sucking how she wanted to have the ultimate oral fix… something that could satisfy her relentless hunger for sucking cock. After draining his balls in her mouth this mystery cock passed a piece of paper with an address and time on it through the hole.

As she lay in bed that night she stared at it… it was for 9pm this Friday night. She thought what might be waiting there as she played with her pussy thinking of the possibilities. She was really working herself up thinking about it and when she heard the guy next door come home she quickly went to his place to get a good cock fix. He was a regular fix for her who she blew at least four times a week… tonight he had a friend with him so she got two cocks to gobble up.

Friday arrived and with that address in hand she waved down a cab and was on her way to whatever awaited her. As a small warm up she had the cabbie park in an alley and gave him a tip he’d never forget… sucking him hard and deep as he blew his load in less than five minutes.

She then walked to a door below the address and opened it… she closed it behind her and saw a long hallway. At the end of that hallway was a smaller tunnel with a sign above it that read… “Take off shoes and other restrictive clothing and crawl to end.”

She stripped down to her moistening panties and bra and on all fours crawled about 25 feet to a round hole just big enough to fit her head through. It seemed to be another bigger room but was very dark and she couldn’t see anything but could hear rustling and breathing. Again there was a sign that just told her to put her head in the opening… as she did formed boards closed around her neck.

The room lit up and she saw a sea of men… young, old, black, white, small, huge… every size, color, and shape of cock she could imagine. There must have been 40 or 50 guys at least… holy shit she thought to herself, what have I gotten myself in to? Then one knelt down and looked her in the eye… he grinned and said “Nice of you to show up slut.. you came here because you live to suck cock. The gloryhole you got this address from means cock is what you want in your mouth, and cum is what you crave to eat and be drenched in. Well.. you’re going to get plenty of that here… consider this a superslut club and you just became a member.”

With that he stood up grab her by the hair and commanded her to open her mouth. She did as she was told and he quickly buried his 8+ inch cock balls deep in her mouth and began to grind it hard against the back of her throat. As he did so several others gathered close to her trapped face stroking their hard cocks waiting for their turn to abuse her pretty little face.

In a few minutes that first cock was being fucked down her throat at a blistering pace and began to spew it’s creamy goodness in to her mouth. She swallowed every drop and no sooner than it was pulled away from her face then the next one was shoved in to her mouth. This one was smaller but much thicker as he too began to slow fuck her face… another forced his way in and her lips were stretched to their limits as she now had two cocks pushing down her throat.

Some were so excited watching her mouth being worked that they just brought their cocks close and jacked themselves on her… the hot ropes of cum from 6 or 7 cocks soaked her face. Then the two in her mouth shot their loads and so much jizz filled her mouth she couldn’t swallow it all fast enough and it pour out and dripped off her chin. 

Her eyes were cum drenched shut and she begged them to wipe it off so she could see the cocks that she was taking. A big black guy grabbed her head and her eyes widened as she watched him jam his 11 inch cock in her mouth and forced it so far down her throat she gagged and choked on it as she struggled to get a breathe. When he finally came his load was monstruos and despite gulping down a mouthful of his cum more dripped from her mouth.

Perhaps 12 or 13 guys had cum by now but it was not even a quarter of the cocks that were there. As soon as one would cum 2 or 3 others would scramble to take his place… several times she had more than one throbbing cock being pushed passed her now raw lips. Her throat was becoming tender and starting to swell from the brutal assault it was receiving as even more of then just shot their loads all over her. 

Her belly was already full with so many loads, her hair was soaked in cum, and her face was drenched and dripping with thick jizz and the cocks just kept coming. She was getting her wish… she was getting her ultimate oral fix… she was getting hours and hours of cock being fucked down her throat just the way she had always wanted.

Finally the last cock had shot it’s load but one guy told her to look at the floor… there she saw a large oval bucket filled with all the cum she hadn’t been able to swallow and that had dripped off her face from the dozens of cocks that had spewed her face. “You can leave when you eat that up… All Of It!” Her love of cum was being tested like never before… she asked to be released and she would do as she was told.

After a brief talk they allowed it… she then got on her knees and in true superslut fashion picked up that huge bucket of cum put it to her worked lips and began to drink it. It took another half hour to gulp all that jizz down but she did it and the dozen or so guys who stayed to watch and make sure she finished it gave a round of applause. 

She had earned a superslut status for sucking cock and guzzling cum that very few could ever hope to achieve… she was now part of an elite group of cum hungry whores that every man wants to use and abuse. She would be coming back here again but next time it would be as a desired and cherished prize of a secret club of cock that would feed her hunger as much as their own deviant needs forever.